Huge Jewelry Sale!


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Huge jewelry SALE in my Etsy shop! All prices are significantly reduced to make way for new in 2020! These are one-of-a-kind artisan gifts at “stocking-stuffer” prices! ūüéĀ Many are the last “Julia Bristow” signed pieces! (Soon all will be signed “Julia Lee.”)

****Feel free to share with any art jewelry lovers you know!****

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Cyber Sale Special!


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I have been on a short break, but feeling the sale vibes this season! Hope to see you there!

Sierra Art Trails 2017!


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Sierra Art Trails Рonly three weeks away! Julia Lee of Julia Bristow Jewelry (#34) will be participating for a third year!  This year, artist Monique Wales of Red Tail Studios (#32) is hosting along with artists Steve Carney Woodcarvings (#35), and Art by Amy Morgan (#33).




Monique Wales #32


Art by Amy Morgan #33


Woodcarving by Steve Carney #35


Julia Bristow Jewelry #34

Sierra Art Trails, a 3-Day Open Studio Event, gives art enthusiasts the chance to see fine art and fine crafts in the making, and to purchase works directly from the people who create them. The show takes place in homes, studios, galleries, and businesses in more than a dozen communities in Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties. The show features artists and artisans working in a wide range of media including painting, photography, jewelry, sculpture, fiber arts, woodcarving, ceramics, glass, and more!

Red Tail Studios is Monique Wales’ home studio, located at 40681 Jean Road West, Oakhurst, CA 93644. Just follow the large orange signs for artists #32-35 and you won’t miss it!

$18 for purchase of the catalog, which is your ticket for two! Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10:00AM – 6:00PM, September 29th & 30th, thru October 1st, 2017.

sat flyer



Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2016


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Julia Bristow Jewelry will be participating in this year’s Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar. This annual event attracts talented artists from the local area and showcases their handcrafted works. It’s free to attend, and is a great place to shop for the holidays! Enjoy lunch, check out the Silent Auction, get in on the raffle and bring home some sweet treats. There’s a gift for everyone here. Hope to see you there!



Sierra Art Trails – Success!


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The Sierra Art Trails 2016 was a great success. I enjoyed the sale and meeting new people from all over the country. This photo was taken by Sierra News Online:


Kathy Marks and Karen Tillison were great to work with at the show.


We had so many visitors including the wonderful Penny Otwell:


Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a memorable event. I hope to participate again next year!

My next upcoming event will be the annual Yosemite Village Craft Bazaar on December 2 at Yosemite National Park in “Half Dome Village” from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. More information to follow.


Photo by Kristal Leonard

Only One Week Away – Sierra Art Trails 2016!


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Only one week away РSierra Art Trails 2016!  Julia Bristow Jewelry will be exhibiting at Class, The Body Pastiche Studio

From their website: “In the art world, pastiche refers to a style that imitates another type of work and is usually meant to be flattering rather than a knock-off. A pastiche can be a collage or patchwork of images where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.¬† Your body is a collage, or a pastiche, of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.¬† These components are interconnected.¬† You cannot achieve health by addressing only one part of the whole; optimal health and wellness is achieved when all of these components perform in concert.”



I will be exhibiting with two very unique and talented artists, Kathy Marks (#29) and Karen Tillison (#31).

Kathy Marks is a creative and uniquely gifted sculptor who works in mixed media using found and repurposed objects to create amazing pieces, each with so much interesting detail you have to spend some time on each piece to appreciate all of the intricacies of her designs.

From her website: “I combine found and¬†re-purposed¬†objects into subtle, delicate and inspiring compositions.¬† Texture, color and contrast captivate me. The overlooked fragments I gather together tell a story. My work conveys a reflective calmness, often laced with gentle humor, and has been described as “Zen” in nature.
The small details¬†and¬†intricacies¬†invite¬†the viewer to slow down and¬†take the journey with me. Each piece is meditative in nature, and the resulting works reveal dedication and mindfulness.”

Just look at the detail…



Kathy Marks


“traces of dreams awaken the spirit” … #15 six word series -Kathy Marks



“Sanctuary”¬† – Kathy Marks


“Barb Wire” -Kathy Marks


Karen Tillison is a fine art photographer who has traveled the world photographing landscape scenery, people and wildlife:



20140917-193 A White-Walled Street, Morocco 2014 (3).jpg

A White-Walled Street, Fes, Morocco  -Karen Tillison


Arizona 2012

Antelope Canyon Lightbeam  -Karen Tillison

2015-03-06, _ 0204, Varanasi, India, jpg-2015.jpg

Varanasi, Ganges River, India -Karen Tillison

2014-03-11_1280, Copy 1, Montana, jpg-2014.jpg

Clearing Storm РMontana   -Karen Tillison

Wow, what amazing adventures she’s had!

I cannot wait to get to know these two women better and enjoy three days of art at Sierra Art Trails 2016. Our advertisement:


More Wonderful Artists at Sierra Art Trails 2016 Gala Reception


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I met so many wonderful artists at this year’s Sierra Art Trails 2016 Gala Reception that I didn’t have time to mention all of them in my last post.


Franka Gabler (seen far left, red dress, artist #19), Julia Bristow (#30), and Monique Wales (#42). This photo snapshot was taken by Charlotte Hoffman (#85).

Franka M. Gabler is an amazing photographer and really neat person. Her beautiful work can be seen here:



Aspen Grove #6, Eastern Sierra.jpg

By Franka M. Gabler (#19)

She has so many beautiful images to choose from, it was difficult to decide what to include here. You can visit her in her home studio in Coarsegold, California.


Below – I met a unique and all-around talented person named Faith Rumm (artist #96) who will be showing her work in Mariposa at Rumm Studio.


Monique Wales (#42), Julia Bristow (#30), and Faith Rumm (#96)


Faith Rumm, oil on canvas


A Faith Rumm tapestry


I met Alex Lewis (#52) , a woodworker and sculptor, and an interesting person. His work is amazing and meeting him at Slim’s Koffee Bar in Oakhurst would allow you to talk to him about his methods and inspiration behind each piece.


Lx Lewis “Fire Keepers”


Lx Lewis


Mandy Brasa will be showing at the “Mandy Brasa Studio & Gallery” at 49269 Golden Oak Drive in Oakhurst across from the Western Sierra Nursery. She is artist #35 and just a great person. I met her when I went to purchase a couple of her prints:


Mandy Brasa (#35) and Julia Bristow (#30)

Some art by Mandy Brasa:


Mandy Brasa


Mandy Brasa


Carolyn Hartling (#1)  has been participating in all 14 years of Sierra Art Trails and was very nice. Here is a video about her and her work.  (The video was created by Michael J. Costa, who is also a participating artist (#46) showing at Visit Yosemite Madera County.)

And of course, Jonathan Bock (#54), the owner of two important galleries in Oakhurst, the Stellar Gallery and Williams Gallery West, where I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting some of my work soon after the Sierra Art Trails!


Jonathan Bock

Jonathan Bock works in a wide range of media including photography, computer art, and mixed media. I love this:


Jonathan Bock “Scattered Light”

“Scattered Light”Mor

How lucky am I to have met all of these unique artists from the Yosemite Foothills?


Preview Exhibit Gala Reception Stellar Gallery


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The preview exhibit for Sierra Art Trails 2016 is going on now through October 2nd at Stellar Gallery where you can view works from all of the >100 participating artists.

The Gala Reception was September 10th where we were able to enjoy the violin music of Patrick A. Contreras – “Violin on Fire” and fire dancing by the Fantastic Four of Circus Et Cetera with Derrick Vermin and Ziva Lawson.


Photo by David Hoffman – Artist #86


Monique Wales (#42), Julia Bristow (#30) & Faith Rumm (#96)

Below – Monique Wales of Red Tail Studio created the print previously blogged about of “Raising Swallows” seen above us in the image below that was taken by Nancy Robbins (#63). Also in the background to the far left on exhibit is a photograph of Yosemite National Park by Nancy Robbins.




Kathy Marks (#29) & Julia Bristow (#30)

Above, I am seen with my exhibiting partner, Kathy Marks, who creates unique and wonderful sculptures. Our work will be on display at Class, The Body Pastiche Studio in Oakhurst at Highway 41/49. As she says, her sculpture “‘Bella Wears Blue’ waves hi from the wall!”


Julia Bristow (#30), Monique Wales (#42), Nancy Robbins (#96) and Charlotte Hoffman (#85)

David Hoffman and Charlotte Hoffman will be exhibiting both photography and painting at their home studio in Mariposa (artists #85 & 86). David is the cover artist for this year’s Sierra Art Trails catalog:cover

And Charlotte’s art chosen for cover in 2009:


Charlotte’s paintings:


David’s photography:


Three of my favorite things, aspens, birds, and Yosemite!


I met so many wonderful people at the gala and hope to introduce a few more in the coming days.



Red Tail Studio’s “Raising Swallows”


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Red Tail Studio’s “Raising Swallows”


Linocut Print by Monique Wales

I was excited to have my photograph used for this printmaking artist’s vision:

“‘Raising Swallows’ is a multi-color linocut relief print made in collaboration with Yosemite Area Audubon Society, in part to benefit their truly amazing Nest Box Program. Julia Lee Bristow volunteers with the Chapter monitoring nest boxes and graciously allowed me to use her photo of a Tree Swallow as reference for this print, which will be used this Fall in a fundraising campaign to support the program. You can see “Raising Swallows” starting Saturday, September 3rd at the Sierra Art Trails Preview Show at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst, CA.” -Monique Wales

Monique Wales of Red Tail Studio is artist #42 on the Sierra Art Trails 3-Day Open Studio tour September 30th – October 2nd!


“Raising Swallows” beautifully framed print

You can see a video of how this print was created here: The Making of “Raising Swallows”

We can both be seen in the Sierra Art Trails catalog on pages 74-75:


It was a pleasure volunteering for the nestbox program for Yosemite Area Audubon Society and I treasured the beautiful photographs I was able to take while doing so. My photograph of mama tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) and her eggs:


Photograph by Julia Bristow

The photograph went “viral” on Facebook after being shared by the National Audubon Society with more than 250,000 views and 1.7K shares:


More work from Monique Wales:



Elemental РYosemite  -Monique Wales

Hope to see you on the trails!

Julia Bristow Harlequin Lupine Necklace


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One of my favorite flowers here in the Sierra Nevada is the Harlequin Lupine (Lupinus stiversii). It is slightly rare to see it and when you do, it is always a treat Рlike finding candy or bubblegum.  I attempted to create a necklace resembling this beautiful wildflower.


Although difficult to locate the exact colors, I hand-wove these flower and leaf charms using Czech glass beads and assembled necklace using wood jasper and antiqued brass findings. Below is my image of real harlequin lupine flowers:


This necklace will be one of the items on exhibit at the 14th annual Sierra Art Trails in Oakhurst, California, September 30-October 2, 10-6, where Julia Bristow Jewelry will be exhibiting as artist #30 at Class, The Body Pastiche Studio,  with artist #29, Kathy Marks, and artist #31, Karen Tillison.


Harlequin lupine – This photo is by Steve Montalto

Steve Montalto of High Mountain Images,  artist #50 in Sierra Art Trails 2016 will be exhibiting his work at the Yosemite Southgate Hotel on Highway 41.



Hope to see you there!